Protest in the Hague against new nuclear power plants

The discussion about nuclear energy has flared up again. The Dutch government looks at Borssele and the Maasvlakte to build new nuclear power plants. WISE takes action, do you join us?

With your financial support we will build resistance against these new nuclear plants.

On thursday october the 13th a commission of the house of representatives will discuss the topic nuclear energy. We will be there to make sure the anti-nuclear voices will be loudly present.



Unfortunately the biking trip is cancelled. The committeemeeting has ben rescheduled from 14.00 to 11.45 because minister Jetten has to be present in the house of representatives that afternoon. Because of this the bikers would not be able to make it on time in the Hague. Instead we will bring a barrel of nuclear waste from Borssele and the Maasvlakte by public transport. In the Hague we will assemble with as many people as possible at the entrance of the house of representatives. There we will make our voices heard and invite politicians for a conversations about nuclear power. At 11.45 we will attend the committeemeeting. If you want to be present there as well make sure to sign up here: 


Support us

We are making it a sponsor trip, to be able to continue campaigning against nuclear energy. The target amount that we ask participants is to raise € 300,-. In this way we cover the costs and build up resistance to new nuclear power station. 

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