Bike protest against new nuclear power plants

Together with you, we want to show that there is resistance to the construction of new nuclear power plants, before it's too late! That is why we are starting a bike protest through Zeeland and Noord-Brabant. Join us as a biker or as donor!

The discussion about new nuclear power plants has flared up again with the recent elections. They would like to have another one in Zeeland and enthusiastic voices are also heard from the Provincial politicians in Brabant.

But talking about nuclear energy is a diversion to avoid tackling the climate crisis. Nuclear energy is not safe, clean or sustainable. Just think of the potential safety risks and problems with the storage of radioactive waste. Building new nuclear power plants costs a lot of money and takes too long.

Nuclear energy is primarily a way to divert the debate from the necessary climate measures. But the climate can't wait!


We will be cycling from Friday 24 to Sunday 26 September. In stages, so you can decide for yourself on which day you want to participate. Of course you can also participate all weekend.


We cycle from Middelburg to Den Bosch, a distance of about 200 kilometers in total, spread over three days.

Friday 24-09, 10 am: Middelburg – Borssele
Friday 24-09, 12 pm: Borssele – Bergen op Zoom
Saturday 25-09, 10:30 am: Bergen op Zoom – Roosendaal
Saturday 25-09, 12:30 pm: Roosendaal - Moerdijk
Sunday 26-09, 10:30 am: Moerdijk – Amercentrale Geertruidenberg
Sunday 26-09, 12 pm: Amercentrale – Waalwijk
Sunday 26-09, 2 pm: Waalwijk – Den Bosch
Sunday 26-09, 4:30 pm: Closing event Den Bosch

We would like to ask you to register thourgh this site if you want to cycle along, so we can take into account catering and overnight stays. Also, we can keep you informed about the program and the route.


On the way :

Along the way we will at least make demonstration stops in Borssele, Bergen op Zoom and Moerdijk. Of course there are manifestations at the beginning in Middelburg and at the end in Den Bosch. Are you not much of a cyclist, but do you want to campaign with us? Then come to one of the manifestations:

Help us :

We are making it a sponsor trip, to be able to continue campaigning against nuclear energy. The target amount that we ask participants is to raise € 100,- per day. In this way we cover the costs and build up resistance to new nuclear power station. 

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Create a individual fundraising page or participate with a team of friends, co-workers or sports team. Need a little inspiration? Look at the great examples below.

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